CrowdOptic 3D Pose Launch Kit

Engagement Geometry, Video Analytics and Intelligent Live Streaming at the Edge


CrowdOptic software improves the accuracy of depth cameras and overall performance of real-time video analysis models at the network edge. The kit can run independently or as an endpoint to a centralized CrowdOptic Intersect platform.

3D Pose Launch Kit


The CrowdOptic 3D Pose Launch Kit is compact, powerful and powered by Intel:

  • Intel NUC 9th Generation Intel Core i7
  • Two Intel Movidius Myriad™ 2 VPUs
  • Two Intel RealSense D415 Depth Cameras


CrowdOptic engagement geometry software applies cluster analysis algorithms on data collected from multiple depth cameras to increase 3D pose estimation models by over 50%. The CrowdOptic Launch Kits can also be configured to support a wide range of other video analysis models.


Purchase a single kit to run independently in virtually any environment, or contact CrowdOptic about purchasing multiple kits as part of a larger system. Each kit can be upgraded to support up to four cameras.