Intelligent Live Streaming at the Edge

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Broadcast video and sensor data from unmanned aircraft, remote locations and within the connected city.


Intersect™ Hardware

HPE servers and CrowdOptic software interconnect and manage cameras, IoT sensors and drones at the network edge. Installation kit includes:

  • HPE Edgeline GL20
  • HD camera array kit or Drone kit
  • Geospatial coprocessor
  • LTE and Wi-Fi antennas (see diagram below)
CrowdOptic Intersect Console

Live Stream Console

Monitor what's happening in the field through a live, web-based map and conduct forensic investigation in real-time by searching on line of sight and area of interest.

  • Low-bandwidth video feeds from cameras in the field
  • Real-time location and line of sight data
  • Secure web-based access
CrowdOptic Patented Analytics

Optional Drone Kit

Intersect can be configured with an HD camera array kit or a drone kit to deliver live video, sensor data and analytics from the network edge.

  • Up to the second analytics
  • Identify significant areas of interest based on where cameras are aimed over time
  • Search by line of sight and location for after the fact forensic investigation
Real-Time Clusters

CrowdOptic® technology is protected by U.S. Patent 8,527,340, U.S. Patent 9,020,832, U.S. Patent 9,264,474, Australia Patent No. 2012225536, Australia Patent No. 2013257431, Japan Patent No. 5530572, Japan Patent No. 5775196, Korea Patent No. 10-1383238, Canada Patent No. 2,829,597, and China Patent No. ZL 201280020614.5.