CrowdOptic Intersect™ Launch Kit

Enterprise Streaming, No Computer Required


Launch kit includes CrowdOptic Intersect Hardware and Intelligent Live Streaming software to demonstrate basic indoor location. Purchase upgrades to explore intelligent camera control, gaze analytics and additional capabilities.



The CrowdOptic Intersect Launch Kit comes with the basic hardware to determine the indoor location of a person identified in the system. Upgrade to interconnect more cameras, sensors and smart devices.


Monitor what's happening in the field through a live, web-based interface. CrowdOptic Intelligent Live Streaming Software uses AI models at the edge to provide data for CrowdOptic Engagement Geometry algorithms.

Additional Capabilities

CrowdOptic Intersect can be configured with additional hardware and software components to demonstrate a wide range of capabilities. Purchase the CrowdOptic Intersect Launch Kit to get started.