CrowdOptic CrowdEncoder™

Enterprise Streaming, No Computer Required


Simply connect CrowdEncoder to your wireless network and plug in a camera or any video device to stream up to 4K video to your own branded web page, or the video conferencing solution of your choice, including Zoom and Webex.

CrowdOptic CrowdEncoder

Stream from any device

The CrowdOptic CrowdEncoder was designed to live stream from medical devices inside the OR, but you can use it with virtually any camera, video player or device with video output.

No computer required

We've made the CrowdEncoder as simple and easy to use as possible, and we can even ship it preconfigured to run on your network out of the box. Just plug in the HDMI cord and hit the button—no computer required.

Connect to Zoom and Webex

Out of the box you can stream to your own branded web portal, and with a simple online configuration you can stream to Zoom, Webex, or the video streaming platform of your choice.