CrowdOptic Halo™

Surround Sight Camera Array

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Control every camera in the room with a single click. Halo uses artificial intelligence and engagement geometry algorithms to control PTZ camera arrays and follow the action from every camera angle.

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Intelligent Camera Control

No need for dedicated cameramen or a technical crew. As one master camera tracks the action, an array of PTZ cameras automatically follow the point of focus by using CrowdOptic engagement geometry algorithms.

Best Camera View

Halo uses AI to switch to the best available camera view with the occurrence of a physical obstruction or other triggered event. Remote viewers can also self-direct their own experience by independently browsing camera views through a web page or touchscreen interface.

3D Movement Analytics

As part of the CrowdOptic Intersect™ platform, Halo surround sight is used to simultaneously identify and triangulate keypoints on the body from multiple camera views, creating a real-time markerless detection system to track precise body movement in 3D space.